Media Contest

Media contest entries due by June 19th at midnight.

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Winners will be selected by the ISS staff.

Video Contest:

The winner will receive a $300 Visa gift card and the video will become the official video of our 2021 event and featured on our website. You will have 2 weeks from the end of the event to complete your video. When making your video, try to make the length of it engaging for your viewers. In the past, entries have made it between 1-6 minutes in length. Music featured in the video must be family and work safe. The event logo or the correct event name must be listed in the video. Drone footage will only be allowed by those who “check in” their drones with ISS so that we know who is flying them. All videos must be loaded to YouTube or Vimeo or other hosted site that is social media friendly.

What we look for in our winning video is more than footage of amazing cars. We pick videos that capture the fun and experiences of the event. Past winners always have footage of vehicles in both the paid and free parking, footage of people and spectators enjoying the event, footage from the sponsor booths/food vendors, And any thing else going on at the event. Be creative but remember to film everything going on at the event.

Logos for your video can be downloaded fromĀ HERE

Take a look at the past few yrs video winners to get an idea on what we are looking for.


Good luck to all those interested in the contests and please contact us if you have any more questions. We can be reached by sending a message on Facebook or email at