Event Info


Import Spring Showoff (ISS) is proud to announce we are returning back Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) on June 5 for 2021.  This allows ISS to offer more than we ever have and are extremely excited to continue the legacy with a return to a racetrack type of environment.  We are eager to see what new and old participation from attendees, and sponsorship it draws as we continue to evolve into Utah’s largest motorsports festival.

A look into the past / present / future

  • In 2013, ISS started with one idea in mind to bring all the sport compact car owners together to one central location to celebrate the love and passion of modified cars. This hybrid type of meet/car show brings car owners of all types together that share the same kind of passion for modifying their car. We have always held this as one of the main core values that makes ISS what it is today and will continue to promote it going into the future.
  • In 2019 we made some changes that extended our vision of ISS transforming into a motorsports festival that everyone can love from cars of all types! 
  • From street, race, stance, drift and everything in between, UMC welcomes all builds of all types.  There is enough space to have over 450 spots available on the East paddock of UMC which is right in the heart of all the activities this venue has to offer. Our vision with UMC in the future, is to make ISS an event that everyone can look forward to each year moving forward much like what we have seen come and go from the race track in the past.

As with any year, there is always a challenge in learning how to accommodate the demand of our show and most importantly, inviting YOU!

Venue Location

ISS2021 returns to Utah Motorsports Campus in Grantsville, UT which is the largest Outdoor venue in the State.  The Paddock is fully paved, has a wide area of space to play with, and has easy in/out parking access to those with a super low stance setups. This venue, allows us to continue to showcase vehicles of all build types in an automotive inspired atmosphere.

Experience the fun!

There are lots of new family friendly activities with our move to UMC.  One of the biggest highlights is that you can enjoy ISS, catch something to eat from a variety of food vendors, and watch vehicles racing throughout the park.

On the East track, you’ll find cars racing in an open Ametuer Track Day (ATD event).  We are also happy to announce that anyone who pays for the ATD (Paid thru UMC, not ISS) will receive free admission to ISS paddock parking.  Please inquire at ImportSpringShowoff@gmail.com for more info. 

On the west course track you will find ride alongs happening and drift event occuring in the west paddock along with public karting. 

Are you itching for some track time yourself, take a trip over to the kart track and take a spin around the small track with your friends.  For a small additional cost, enjoy some of the best outdoor karts Utah has to offer with your friends for a small additional cost. Here, you will also find a playground for the kids to play in too!

The facility is large, and walking around will give you a peek into some of the Pro Team Garages and professional racers within them. There is much to see and do as well as the view cars at ISS and encourage you to look around if you have never been to UMC.

Paddock Parking $35

A pass for the best parking in the venue including eligible for any awards you qualify for. Your car will also be exposed to the most media coverage of the event and if done right, will gauge interest of spectators and videographers alike. All paddock parking vehicles will also receive a “Roll In” photo.  

Please keep in mind that those in paddock parking are expected to stay at the event until awards are announced. The exit will be blocked off until the event is over, but if you need to leave early please make prior arrangements with us in advance.

As always, 10% of all registration fees will be donated to Primary Children’s Hospital and encourage you to purchase a pass and gift bag from us to give back to the community.  

Paddock Parking Plus $50

Everything included in the regular paddock parking, plus an exclusive parade lap experience where you can drive your car for a lap on one of the UMC tracks behind a pace car. An additional photo of your car on the track will be included. THIS EXPERIENCE STARTS AFTER THE AWARDS. Limited to only 100 spots.

FREE Spectator parking

(DOES NOT REQUIRE REGISTRATION) is located outside the gates of UMC.  Admission to ISS and UMC is free for Spectators.



Ticket sales for paddock parking and swag bags will open at Ticket.TheFoat.com/Issutah. The first 150 spots sold will receive a 10% “Loyalty Launch” discount and is first come first server. In the past, ISS tickets have sold out in minutes so be ready to get one as soon as it becomes available.  

We are happy to partner again with ticketing site TheFoat (thefoat.com) for simplicity in registration. The link for registration will be available at Importspringshowoff.com which will redirect to a secure page for credit card purchases for your paid parking pass and gift bag upgrades. Please make sure you enter the correct information or your registration may be declined. Your email is important to this transaction so please confirm you were emailed confirmation email and a QR code with your ticket. You will need to ether print this ticket or have it ready on your phone for checking into parking the day of the event.

With the release of 300 paid parking spots, there is an with an an available for purchase for ISS apparel. The remaining paid parking spots will be released at a later date. All ticket sales are final; Paid parking and gift bags are non-refundable and non-transferable (meaning you can’t sell them to someone else). You are allowed to change the vehicle on the registration after purchase just not the name. If someone tries to sell you a spot, or says that they spoke with someone from staff about transferring their spot, please decline the offer.

PLEASE NOTE If you come to ISS with a different registered name other than what was originally registered, you will be turned away and sent over to the spectator parking area.

For security reasons, we will only be accepting credit or debit cards for payment this year, no cash, no PayPal, and no day of sales. During the registration process you’ll be required to give us your name, phone number, email, and vehicle info. If for any reason there are problems with your payment transaction, we will contact you thru text or email to correct problems with your registration. Make sure, while filling out the registration form, you are using the correct name on your billing information when paying with a credit card to avoid being declined.

IMPORTANT: Your reservation will only guarantee your spot until 30 minutes after the event officially begins.  If you are not in the paid parking lot by that time, or in line, your reservation will be forfeited.. We will not hold empty parking spots in the lot and plan on filling it to capacity whether you’re on time or not.

While signing up for registration, if you’d like to share a photo of your car with the public, you’ll be able to upload a photo of your car to TheFoat. We will share it on the Official ISS Facebook and Instagram pages for others to see before the start date of ISS.

Group Pass:

One of the biggest requests we’ve received in the past was an option for clubs and groups to park together. We have always said that if you want to park together, then show up to the venue together but as many of you know that doesn’t always work out and for 2021 Group Pass will returns. Please email  ImportSpringShowoff@gmail.com for more info.

Time schedule:

8am – ISS staff on site
9am – sponsor and food check in opens
10am – Group pass check in opens
11am – Paddock Parking check in opens
12pm – Public Karting opens, Amateur Track Day (ATD) begins, Hot laps ride along begins
1 pm – Paddock parking closes
1 pm – ISS 2021 official starts / Drift ride alongs begin
2 pm – Salt City Drift Event begins
3 pm – Rev Off contest*
4:45 pm – Award winners announced
5 pm – Drift ride alongs end / ATD ends
5:30 pm – Paddock + Parade Laps being
5:30 pm – ISS 2021 ends
6 pm – Hot laps ride along ends – Fun Depot Opens12pm – Fun Depot Opens
9 pm – Public karting ends
10 pm – Salt Lake Drift event ends.


Raffle for 2021 will be a Silent Raffle as it has in previous ISS event. There will be a drawing to win items our sponsors have donated every 30 mins. Every winner will be posted on a board so swing back by when’s convenient for you to see if you won anything. Remember, any money that is put into the raffle will be donated to Primary Children’s Hospital.


We couldn’t make ISS happen without the support of our sponsors. We are pleased to say that all of our sponsorship options from last year are returning for 2021. ISS is the premier sport compact car festival and our sponsor row, already has a reputation as being a “Mini SEMA” in Utah.

Local sponsors, showcase their cars that are built to promote their work and products, which are available on display at their booths. For 2021 we plan to have over 40 Booth spots available for sponsorship this year. They will be sold on a first come first serve basis and reserved space will not be secured until payment has been made to us. All sponsors will have their logos placed on our flyers along with any promotional material that ISS may endorse. We will promote your company logo across our social media outlets, websites and give shout outs about the sponsor during the event.

Please be advised that all sponsorship requests will be reviewed and approved by the ISS staff only. Any company requesting sponsorship must be in good standing with the local sport compact car community. We reserve the right to refuse anyone from Sponsorship.

Email us at ImportSpringShowoff@gmail.com to get a Sponsor Request Form or click on the sponsorship tab on our homepage HERE.

All Sponsorship packages require a donation to our charity efforts. We will give a $100 discount for donations to our Charity Raffle. It can be a package, multiple items, or something unique and it’s completely up to you. If you choose not to donate an item that $100 will still be donated to charity.

Sponsorship packages

  • Basic Sponsorship: $225

This for those of you who don’t want to set up a booth at ISS but still want advertisement of your company on the event flyer, and over social media outlets. We will give each sponsor multiple shout outs during ISS and will allow banners to be set up alongside of the event. It also allows entry for 1 vehicle into the paid parking section from the sponsor.

  • Standard Booth Sponsorship: $300

you will get everything the Basic package includes, plus a booth space (rough size of 38 x 12) which will fit a 10×10 tent and allow 2 vehicles to enter into paid parking.

  • Custom Booth Sponsorship: $Price Varies (email to inquire)

In the past our standard booth size has been the only booth option offered as a 1 size fits all. Due to past requests (or in some instances less booth space) we have will now cater the booth space to whatever a sponsor needs. You want space for a tent and 4 cars instead of 2? No problem. That extra space will be sold at lower per spot cost to you. If you want a booth for a tent and only 1 car that’s not a problem ether.
Email us at ImportSpringShowoff@gmail.com to inquire about Custom Booth Costs

Sponsor Awards

Past sponsors might have notice that we do not have the Sponsorship +Award option for 2016. This doesn’t mean we are doing away with them, actually we aren’t even charging you more to have us cover your award anymore. What we would like to see is our sponsors come up with their own unique award category and custom award to a winner of your choice. Get crazy with the award category and do something that will get the audience to laugh or be proud of. Remember, this part is all on you and how you want to be remembered so be creative!


Only vehicles in the paid parking area will be eligible for these awards, no exceptions.

Each award will be a promoter’s choice like last year, that means that we will a have team of people that will be picking cars that stick out the most during ISS to be a favorite. Once a collection of favorites have been selected, we will judge the top 3 and pick 1 for each award. If you’re looking to win, be sure to do something that makes your car unique. We understand that people might feel that form is greater than function, but we can only pick among the cars that we visually look at. Please keep in mind we call these awards “Favorite” and not “Best” for a reason. We try to be fair to everyone so something to remember one thing: Clean and Unique

Due to popular demand, many of past award categories of the past are making a repeat this year. If your make isn’t on the list, you’re not out of luck yet. As long as 8 models of the same make register for paid parking, then we will add an award category (looking at you GM owners). So make sure your friends buy paid parking so that we can a larger variety this year.
Specialty Awards:
In addition to the vehicle make awards, many of our sponsors will be handing out specialty awards of their choice. These Specialty categories are created by the sponsor, and they will also announced and decided who wins their award of each type.

Food Vendors

Food trucks will return to 2021 as it has been a big hit with the event. Expect some of your favorites from the past to return again and maybe have some new things to offer. This year we have the following for your eating pleasure.

The Food Vendors that will be on site are:
-Korean Bowl
-Pinned Coffee
-Pad Thai
-Devils Pit BBQ
-All American Grill
-Empanada Bus
-Touch of Polynesia
-Sesis Best Fry Bread


If you’d like to inquire about being a food vendor please visit the http://importspringshowoff.com/food-vending page on how to register. Food vendors will be required to pay and obtain any required permits from Tooele County, may be subject to a Tooele health inspection, and registering with the Utah State Tax Commission. We will provide you with the ISS Event Tax Number.


Another big part of ISS is our charity contributions to Primary Children’s Hospital. Already in the past 4 years we have donated over $8k+. Our mission has always be to try and raise money for hospitals through the sale of merchandise and raffle tickets. There is also no limit in how many raffle tickets can be purchased, and the more that are bought, the higher the chance in winning some of the great prizes our sponsors have donated.

100% of the money raised through merchandise and raffle tickets, will be donated to the Children’s Hospital at the end of ISS. We will announce the amount of money raised on our Facebook page, so please watch for updates.

We will be set up to take Cash, EMV chipped Credit/Debit Cards, or Apple/Android Pay for donations. For your security we have purchased a EMV Chip Card reader for more secure transactions.

Media Contest

We are pleased to bring the contest back again for 2021. More details will follow soon but all 3 categories for best video, best group of photos, and most unique photo will return. We plan to increase the winnings for 2021.
If you there are any additional questions that were not answered please ask a staff member, send us a message on our Facebook page, or send an email to importspringshowoff@gmail.com. We will answer as quickly as possible, so please allow 24 hours for a response,

Thank you for all of your support! Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on the motorsports festivals we can produce, we are always trying to find better ways to putting the best festival for you to attend.

Without you guys and our amazing community, this event couldn’t happen. We hope to put on the best event possible to keep you coming back year after year.