Thank you for considering Import Spring Showoff as a new place to sell your products. We’ve enjoyed inviting vendors to come to our show each year for sponsorship and hope to see many new/old faces return for years to come.

Please review the terms and agreement that was emailed, and contact us if there any questions.  Once we have approved your vending station, we will contact you on where to pay for the vending fee.


2019 ISS Sponsorship

Company Info:

Example: www.myCompanyName.com

Sponsorship Selections.

NOTE: booth sizes accept a 10x10 tent which takes up approximately 1 1/2 parking stalls.

4 stall option is our standard and most popular booth size. It has enough space for a tent and 2 cars.

Enter the donation item you intend to include in our raffle.

Terms and Conditions