Thank you for considering Import Spring Showoff as a new place to promote and sell products. We’ve enjoyed inviting vendors to come to our show each year for sponsorship and hope to see many new/old faces return for years to come. Please fill out all required fields below to submit a request for sponsorship at ISS2022

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2022 ISS Sponsorship

2022 ISS Sponsorship

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**INDOOR BOOTH** New for 2022

Single garage: $350 (single garage)
Dual garages: $650

NOTE: Indoor sponsors can also buy outdoor space for an additional $30 per vehicle.


Outdoor spots start at $250 and vary based on size. Final price will be discussed during negotiations.

NOTE: Spots are a roughly the same size as a lined parking spot (10x10) plus the number of vehicles you request. 


Enter the donation item you intend to include in our raffle.

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